Know The Epilepsy
What is Epilepsy?
Epilepsy in general term is the sickness that affects brain in which patient suffers with frequent seizures or Fits and loses his control over body and may fall.
Almost 1% population of the world suffers from epilepsy and suffering with epilepsy is like suffering with other disease and with advance technologies and research its quite possible to cure epilepsy even though there are many misconceptions that Epilepsy is not curable, which is wrong!

There are some myths and Facts about Epilepsy which everyone should know:

Myths Facts
1. Epilepsy is a curse of previous birth etc. and it can’t be cured. Epilepsy is a disease like others disease and it is curable with proper medication.
2. Patient should be taken to baba, tantric etc Patient should be taken to a doctor as soon possible.
3. Epilepsy patient can’t marry and produce children. Marriage is not a hurdle for a epilepsy patient but everything should be detailed to concern wife or husband so that they can understand and care for improvement.
He or she can produce children.
4. Treatment for epilepsy is lifelong. Treatment for epilepsy is long and depends on the type of epilepsy. But a normal life can be lived with some cautions.
At the time of Seizure:
What to do?
1. Note the time
2. Clear the space around person.
3. Cushion the head (with rolled up clothe etc)
4. Lose tight neck wear, remove glasses etc (if worn)
5. Check his id etc so relative etc can be called immediately or if he is having his doctor information card, inform relative doctor.
6. Make sure that he is breathing properly and wait till seizures subside.
What not to do?
1. Dont move the patient when seizure in progress unless he/she is not in immediate danger like busy road, on the stairs, near the fire etc.
2. Dont restrict the movement.
3. Dont try to lift person up.
4. Dont try to give anything by mouth.
5. Dont force anything in between the teethes.
6. Dont interfere unnecessarily and let patient recover from this phase quietly but stay with them till he is recovered.
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